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Welcome to Fallon Oral Surgery!

We have a 35 year tradition of surgical excellence and our goal is to continue that by educating new patients about our office, the staff and what to expect at your first visit. From a practical standpoint, this website provides everything you will need to make your first visit an easy and anxiety-free experience.

Insurance Information

Let us start by saying that although we do not participate with any insurance companies, as a courtesy we will file forms with your provider for you.


Driving to our office is made easy by following the directions from our Office Directions page. We provide basic turn-by-turn directions from outlying areas and a dynamic map for your reference. In addition, there is a link to go directly to Google Maps where you can enter a starting (home) address for very specific turn-by-turn directions.

We also understand that in this part of the country the weather is unpredictable and very localized. We provide the up-to-the-minute local weather alerts from the National Weather Service to keep you informed.

Our Staff

We have four oral surgeons on our team whose goal is to earn your trust and respect while exceeding your expectations in quality of care. You can learn more about the doctors on the Meet the Doctors page. Feel free to familiarize yourself with our front-desk and dental assistant staff on the Meet the Staff page as well. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible when you arrive and we think that seeing a familiar face is a step in the right direction.

Patient History

Before we can treat you, we need to collect important medical history infomation to assure your best treatment. This does not mean you will need to sit in our office with a clipboard and a stack of forms for the first half hour of your appointment however.

We have provided a digital copy of the form you are required to complete on the Online Forms page. Simply fill out the form and bring it with you on your first visit and the clipboard stays with us.

Doctor Referrals

If you are being referred to Fallon Oral Surgery from your family doctor, we have made this process easy as well. On the Referrals page are digital forms your doctor can print and fill out. Follow the directions on that page to ease the referral process.